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How to create a Mac Wi-Fi hotspot without Ethernet

Perhaps your internet connection only allows a certain number of hookups.

How to turn your Mac's internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot | iMore

You might also be having trouble with your home WiFi password. Sometimes, your connection password might not work, and rather than waiting on hold with your internet company to get it fixed, you can use your Mac to allow guest access to your home WiFi. Connection problems are among the top reasons that individuals and businesses choose to switch their internet service.

With this useful hack, you can make the internet work for you rather than the other way around.

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Without further ado, here are the steps needed to use your Mac as a WiFi hotspot. Step 1: Check Compatibility Specs Macs are among the most popular computers in the world because they last for years.

But these often bear older operating systems. For that reason, not all Mac hacks will be compatible with all Macs out there. This internet sharing tip only works if your computer is running OS X Lion Select System Preferences from the drop-down list. System Preferences may also be accessed from your applications doc, located at the bottom of your screen. This will open a myriad of options organized in four neat rows.

Select "Obtain IP address automatically". The other computers can share files but cannot connect to the internet. Bridging your two network adapters may help solve this problem. Select the two adapters that you want to bridge. This should be the adapter that is connected to the internet and the adapter that is connected to the rest of the network. Hold Ctrl and click each one to select them. Right-click on one of the two selected networks and select "Bridge Connections". Click Yes when prompted. Reboot the other computer and try connecting again.

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  8. I'm receiving the "An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled. This can be caused by a problem with the internet sharing services in Windows. Press Enter to open the Services window. Reboot the computer after setting each service and try the connection again. Follow the steps in the first section to enable internet connection sharing on the host computer. This method will allow you to use an unused wireless adapter on your Windows host computer to broadcast a wireless network that any other device can connect to, just like a wireless router.

    First, you'll need to enable internet connection sharing on the host computer by following Steps of the first section. The host computer will need to have a wireless adapter that isn't being used in order to broadcast a signal for other computers and devices to connect to. If the host computer doesn't have a wireless card installed, you can use a USB wireless adapter. Make sure you only enable internet connection sharing on the adapter that's connected to the internet. Don't enable internet sharing on the wireless adapter that you'll be using to create the wireless network.

    This will open a new window with your active network connections. Select "Set up a new connection or network". This link can be found towards the bottom of the Network and Sharing Center window. Select "Set up a wireless ad hoc computer-to-computer network". If you are using Windows 8, you will need to download a free program like Virtual Router virtualrouter. Make sure that the Security Key cannot be easily guessed.

    Make sure to check the "Save this network" box, or you'll need to reconfigure it every time you reboot the computer. Connect your other computers and devices to the new wireless network. With the wireless network created and internet connection sharing enabled, you should now be able to connect any of your other computers or mobile devices to the wireless network just like any other wireless network. Enter in the Security Key you created in the previous step to connect. My device won't connect to the wireless network.

    Disabling Sharing

    Some older devices cannot properly connect to an ad-hoc network, and the problem can get even worse if they don't support WPA If you absolutely have to have that device on the network, try lowering the ad-hoc network's security to WEP. Understand the ways you can share your connection. OS X's Sharing menu allows you to easily share your Mac's internet connection using any of your installed network adapters.

    The computer sharing the network is called the "host" computer. You will need at least two network adapters installed in the host to share your connection; one to connect to the internet, and one to connect to the rest of your network. If you have an unused wireless adapter for example, your host is connected to the modem via Ethernet , you can use it to create a wireless network that other devices can connect to in order to access the internet.

    If you have two Ethernet adapters, you can connect one to the modem, and the other to a network switch or router. Your other computers and devices can then connect to this network. Connect the host computer directly to the internet source.

    How to Share an Internet Connection

    For the best results, it's recommended that you connect the host computer directly to your broadband modem via Ethernet, or use a USB hotspot. Open the System Preferences menu on the host Mac computer. Click the Apple menu and select "System Preferences". Click the "Sharing" option.

    This will open the Sharing window. Check the "Internet Sharing" box in the left frame. This will enable sharing for the host computer's internet connection. Click the "Share your connection from" menu and select your internet source.

    If you're connected to your modem via Ethernet, select it from the menu. If you're connected to a USB hotspot, select it instead. Click Start to confirm that you want to enable internet sharing. Note that turning internet connection sharing on will likely disrupt any existing network you have set up.

    How to Share Internet from a Mac to Other Computers & Devices

    Select the method that you want to broadcast your connection. The method you choose depends on the way you want other computers to connect. If you want to turn your Mac into a wireless hotspot, check the "Wi-Fi" box. If you want to connect your Mac to a network hub or wireless router, select "Ethernet". Connect the host mac to the network hub or router's WAN port Ethernet. If you opted to share your host's internet connection with a hub or router which the other computers will connect to, use an Ethernet cable and connect your host to the hub's WAN port.

    Configure your wireless settings Wi-Fi. If you decided to turn your Mac into a wireless access point, click the Wi-Fi Options Make sure to select "WPA2 Personal" as the "Security" type, and create a password that won't be easily guessed.

    How to Share your Internet Connection From Mac to Other Device

    Doing so will help reduce interference. Your host Mac is now ready to share its internet connection, and you can connect the other computers and devices as if it was a typical network. They should automatically get IP addressed and be able to connect to the internet. My other devices are not able to get an internet connection. This will often occur if you've made changes to the sharing settings after enabling the wireless network. The quickest way to try to fix this problem is by disabling Internet Sharing, restarting the Mac, and then re-enabling it and creating a new wireless network.

    How can you connect your computer to the internet with an Android phone and USB cable?

    Share Your Mac’s Ethernet Connection Over WiFi

    Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Sharing your internet connection at work or in another secured location may cause problems with the network.

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