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Maybe your Macs don't like your NTP server? Once NTP is configured on the Mac it syncs. Disclaimer: I have never worked in an AD environment with the Macs. I am currently using our Web filter as the NTP source for all of our devices.

We've added in the correct NTP server. We added the NTP server into the ntp. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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Spiceworks Help Desk. However, if domain networking is utilized, registry setting changes are required to configure the service.

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The NTP project is one of the the most comprehensive client solutions available and is highly recommended. It is also available free of charge on an open source licence. Nistime is a bit client that runs in background and periodically queries a NTP server. The application is well documented by providing help links to explain various features.

NTP client software is often built into firewalls, routers, IP cameras and other network devices. Generally, configuration simply requires specifying the IP address or domain name of a NTP server for synchronization purposes.

Mac Free VPN Setup - Without Software -

TimeTools has provided a list of NTP client software and associated web sites because the users of our web site may find them useful. The list is not complete. TimeTools does not in any way endorse any of the software that is listed on this page.

We do not endorse any information presented on the listed web sites. In case anyone is interested, here is a script to set the NTP server for your clients.

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How to manually patch NTP for OS X and | MacIssues

I will report back with the results. I'm assuming success here? Log in to post a response.

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