Mac vs pc audio production

Do I choose Mac or PC for music making?

Why choose a PC?

Yes, you are still limited to CPU, memory and the like. This is not a permanent solution and should not be considered to be a permanent solution. Mac used to make the Mac Pro, which was truly a great machine. To us Apples market is very clear. They make iPhones, like millions upon millions of them and frankly this is where they are making their money today. So they spend their most time making these devices. This is the reality of this decision and there is not much we can do about it. HDX and you need to run the three card option, well your out of luck in the Mac world.

The good news is in the PC world, specifically the Slick Audio world we can run them out any problem at all.

In conclusion of the debate

We are working with companies like Avid to make boxes that do one thing. More specialized if you will. This is not a bash against Mac, as I have said before these are tools to get a job done. I know when I am doing a job like getting a song or other recording out to a customer or for myself I need the best tool I can use to get a job done.

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  • Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better?.
  • What are we looking for?;

One that will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible without losing data. I believe this is what you should be thinking about also. Remember like I said before they are both boxes, and both computers and just tolls to get a job done. For those with home studios, I recommend this approach. With a little more generous budget you can get a PC computer that will be perfect for both music production and other media applications or even for video games.

A powerful PC desktop can become the center of your musical production but also can be your center of entertainment. This configuration will handle any music software DAW , any audio plugins including virtual instruments, software synthesizers, multiple effects on the main mix or individual tracks, soft samplers, and so much more.

MAC or PC?

Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. It may depend on your budget, productivity, your customer base, digital audio workstation DAW choice or your own preferences. For a stable system to use it exclusively for music production and audio recording go with the MAC. Essential Music Production Equipment. Your email address will not be published. Log in Remember me. Lost your password?

PC vs Mac - You Must Be An Idiot

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Mac vs. PC for Audio production

Apple has always had its base in the creative industries, including music production. Apple computers are well known for their stability, ease of use and good performance. Why PC? Conclusions Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. My opinion?

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  • What do we mean by Mac vs PC?;
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As I said: Producer Spot ProducerSpot. Apple on the other hand were largely used by those working in the creative sector because of the GUI and the software available to take advantage of it.

PC vs Mac – You Must Be An Idiot.

Macs were expensive and only Apple made them. Furthermore the ability to modify or indeed build your own Mac was almost non-existent. Software creators also played to these differences and in many cases software would run on one platform and not the other. Of course that software would play to the strengths of each platform thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. In many ways both Apple and Microsoft continued to play to these stereotypes in their marketing and messaging. When Apple started to gain traction in the home PC market largely due to the halo effect of iPod sales they exploited some of these stereotypes with a campaign of 'I'm A Mac' ads see below.

The campaign seemed to reinforce the historical point of view of the main differences between the two camps. Apple also worked hard to make the Mac even easier to use, offering a suite of software called iLife which made creative tasks incredibly easy. In fact many cars in that era weren't rust-proofed but when it comes to marketing, mud-slinging sometimes it sticks for years - even when a brand has moved on from that era.

I cite this example because the "Macs are best" myth is only true if we rewind back to the Mac v PC period I've already outlined. Now when it comes to Macs and PCs there's far less difference than there once was. Now a Mac user can use a spreadsheet and do complex equations, you can also network them with the minimum of fuss. On the other hand PCs are able to perform creative tasks and are being used for music, graphics and audio tasks by millions of professionals around the world.

So is everything completely the same when it comes to Macs and PCs?

mac vs pc audio production Mac vs pc audio production
mac vs pc audio production Mac vs pc audio production
mac vs pc audio production Mac vs pc audio production
mac vs pc audio production Mac vs pc audio production
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