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I would love to have such a variety of MAC blushes like you. Currently, I don't own any but your post is so informative and appealing, I have to snatch one up one day! I dont own any MAC because its pretty pricey but your colour range is amazing. Love the pinks! Awesome collection! This helped me get to know mac shades a lot more!

MAC Blushes: Pinks {9 Blushes}

Nice collection! I have 1 MAC blush at the moment, very happy with the pigmentation! Laura x demure-porcelain. Mac blushes are good, pigmentation are amazing!

mac coygirl blush dupe | {True Winter} | Blush dupes, Winter makeup, Blush on cheeks

My fave is Supernova! Wow, amazing collection! I only own one mac blush but there are a few more colours in the line I'm dying to pick up! I love the look of supanova, the colours swirled look so cute :. Stunning collection!!! You've got lots of MAC products! You love it clearly LOL : They're gorgeous!

MAC Powder Blush Review & Swatches

Such a lovely blush collection! Although the name is sheertone so you know what you're getting, I wish the pigmentation was a bit better, apart from Dollymix. Great post xx. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this blog post! MAC blushers were the the first ever beauty products that I fell in love with. Over the last couple of years I have managed to accumulate a small collection of MAC blushes that I will share with you today. First off, I would like to put a little disclaimer before we get started with the fun stuff, as you can see my blushers are not in the best condition.

No matter how many times I watched depotting videos on YouTube, I just could not master the technique. People on YouTube make it look so simple and easy, but when you do it in real life you just ruin your perfectly shaped MAC blushers. I actually ended up having to use pure alcohol to set the powder back into place and that itself was another adventure.

But I digress, so let's look past the hideous blushers and just enjoy the post!

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There are also Mineralized finishes which are b aked minerals that are refined into a powder formula to provide sheer and lightweight finish. Salsarose : Another discontinued blush in my collection is Salsarose. I actually didn't know this shade was discontinued until I was writing up this blog post.

I'm pretty thankful I was able to pick it up in time though. Salsarose is another blush I've been reaching for frequently. Dainty : Dainity is a dolly pink with gold shimmers and is also a mineralize blush. Mineralized blushers are different to normal powder blushes because they are baked. There is a subtle golden sheen in Dainty but it hardly transfers to the skin when applied.

I do find that mineralized blushes can be more pigmented than normal blushers, but they also don't last as long on the skin either. What's your favourite MAC blush?

Labels: Mac , review. Cherie 2 August at Mandy Jean 3 August at Kelly G 3 August at It has a doefoot applicator and the MAC vanilla scent. It is a semi-sheer bubblegum pink gloss with blue undertones and a creamy finish. Wearing it with the exact same makeup, it gives a much softer look than the Be Silly Lipstick. I went with 2 coats and I really love it. This is a gorgeous shade for toes or fingernails during the warmer weather.

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No top coat people. No top coat! Have you reached the end? Will you be picking up any of the new products? They are available in stores and online now. Categories: Uncategorized. Like this: Like Loading Categories: Uncategorized Tags: blush lip gloss lips Lipstick Mac nail polish nails pigments Spring Next Post 3 Mysteries To Devour 2.

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mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch
mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch
mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch
mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch
mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch
mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch
mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch
mac pink swoon blush swatch Mac pink swoon blush swatch

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