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If the activity you wish to edit is a recurring activity the Title and Location fields will be un-editable , after opening the activity you must click the Change button in the bottom right part of the Window. When you click the Change button you will be asked which meetings you'd like to change. Select the option you want and click OK. Click Update to save the changes to the activity.

Working with Banners A banner is a flag that can be dragged across one or more days without interrupting your availability. Creating Banners: Click Create Banner on the top left-side module. Fill in the appropriate information and click Create Banner. In the window that pops up, edit the information, and click the Update button on the bottom right of the window. In the window that pops up, click the Delete Banner button on the bottom left of the window. Printing your calendar If your schedule is not already visible, select the type of calendar you wish to print under the main View menu.

Here you can set Portrait or Landscape, and the Printer Margins. If you are not sure what the margins are for your printer, click the Printer button and select your printer, then in the Page Setup window, put 0 in each of the Margin areas and MeetingMaker will automatically set the margins to what the printer is able to do.

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Set the dates you wish to print, the format you wish to have printed, and how many days per page you want. If you wish to make more customizations, click on the Form Options button, then click on the tab for the format you selected to be printed. All other tabs will be blocked from making changes. You can now select the font, font size, the types of activites you want printed, and the range of hours you want printed.

So if you want to just print work hours, set the times to am to pm. That way you won't see the extra hours on the printouts. Click OK to save the Form options, then click OK again to show the printer dialog box, then click Print to print the calendar.

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Working with Others Proxies, Favorites in Meeting Maker Creating a Favorites list If you invite a lot of the same people to meetings and want a faster way to do it than constantly looking for them in the Public Directory, Favorites may be the answer! On the left is all the items on the MeetingMaker server.

The Show All dropdown item shows all the items on the server. On the right is your list of Favorites. If you already have items listed in the Favorites side, they might have different icons next to them. The icon with two bodies in it is a group, the icon with one body is a single user, and the computer monitor icon is a Resource such as a classroom or vacation calendar for an office. You can double-click on the two-bodied icon to see who is a member of the group you created, but be careful because double-clicking on anything else in the righthand pane will remove them from the list!

If you double-click on the group on the left, it will show the list of users in the group instead of adding the group! To create a group of users in your Favorites , in the middle row of buttons, click New Group , name the group, then add users to the group as normal. To get back to your main list of Favorites, use the dropdown menu on the top right and select Favorites. You can also create groups inside of groups. To remove items from your Favorites , select the item on the right and click the Remove button.

Double-clicking on single users and resources will also remove them from the Favorites list. Enter a title for the meeting in the Title box. Enter a place for the meeting in the Location box.

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Specify reminder and labeling options in the Options section. The options that you set here will only be valid for your calendar and do not apply to your guests' calendars. They will be able to set their own reminder and label for the meeting. If you would like to add comments or an agenda to the meeting, enter them in the Agenda section.

Click on the Guests tab to invite other people to your meeting. To invite guests, click on the Edit List button at the bottom of the list of names. If you wish to add from your Favorites list, in the Add Guests to Meeting window, click on the dropdown box and select Favorites. For more detailed ways on inviting users, look at the Inviting Guests section below. Once all your guests have been added, click OK. After you click OK, the guests will be added to your meeting, and their availability will be shown in the Guests tab next to their name.

The colors in the available times match the colors in the legend at the bottom of the window. You can change the colors for the legend by clicking on the square color icons in the legend. Once everything is how you want it, click the Notify Guests button it used to be Create Activity, but changes when you add Guests. If any of the guests either have meetings scheduled for that time or are not set to work during that time you will get a message saying that the required guests are unavailable.

If you click Yes, it will continue anyway. If you click No, you can go back to the meeting, remove the guests in question and add them as Optional or CC instead of Required. After the guests have been invited, the meeting will appear on your calendar. You can now double-click on it to see the status of the invite for each user. There will be a green check mark if they accepted, a red X if they denied, and nothing if they didn't reply to the proposal yet. You can also look under the Options tab of the meeting to see if any of the guests have added comments to the meeting.

Responding to an invitation When someone invites you to a meeting, or changes a meeting, you will receive a message in the Proposals window of MeetingMaker. To view your messages: Click on your main MeetingMaker Calendar to get to your account. This window automatically opens when you first login to meetingmaker, so you'll probably recognize it. If there are any bold items in the Proposals window, click on the triangle next to them and you will see the items for that Proposal section.

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Double-click on the item you want to look at. The time and agenda will be listed in the Details tab. The Guests tab shows who was asked to attend the meeting and who was CC'd. In the Options tab you can add notes that everyone will see, as well as change the reminder time and label for the meeting in your calendar.

At the bottom of the meeting is the Can you attend? Click the appropriate response button Yes , No , or I'll decide later and click Reply. If you select I'll Decide Later, the meeting will stay in the Recieved Proposals, but will no longer be in bold. And it's fairly customizable: there's a dark and a light theme, for example, and you can change the icon to include the month and the day of the week. You can also pin the calendar, which is perfect when you need to reference it while writing an email or a memo. Try this application out if all this sounds useful to you, because the price is nothing to complain about. Calendar II is a surprisingly complete menubar calendar. You can basically manage your calendar using only this app, even though it functions primarily as a supplement to Apple's Calendar, which it uses for all data. You can open the calendar by clicking the menu bar icon or by using a global keyboard shortcut. Adding tasks is quick thanks to natural language processing, and you can view your appointments in a variety of ways.

The default puts an agenda view below a monthly calendar, but there are other views offered: year, month, agenda, week, week with agenda, and even the current day. And everything about the application is customizable. There are numerous color schemes, for example, and you can change up the font and layout to your liking. The menu bar item can be an icon or replace your system clock.

It's a great as a supplement to Apple's Calendar, but it could also replace it completely depending on your workflow. There is a 30 day free trial. Do none of the options above quite work for you? Justin Pot is a staff writer at Zapier based in Hillsboro, Oregon. He loves technology, people, and nature, not necessarily in that order. You can follow Justin: jhpot.

You don't have to. But you can. Comments powered by Disqus. Zapier is the easiest way to automate powerful workflows with more than 1, apps. Email me about new features. By signing up, you agree to Zapier's Terms of Service. The 6 Best Calendar Apps for Mac in And these apps all have a few things in common.

How to Create a Monthly Budget Calendar for Mac & iPhone (And PRINT it!)

The best calendar apps for Mac: Offer a clean, native user macOS interface. The ideal app is easy to use at a glance, but not in a way that compromises on functionality. It should also integrate well with macOS, offering native keyboard shortcuts along with notifications, menu bar icons, and Today widgets.

Make it quick to add appointments. Ideally, you only need to click one button or use a keyboard shortcut to start typing and add an appointment. Natural language processing, which allows you to add appointments by typing something like "Drop off dog at the vet Monday at 5pm," is a big plus here. Make it quick to see your appointments at a glance. Calendars are only useful if you can actually tell what's on them, so the ideal calendar app needs to be easy to arrange however you prefer.

Daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views should all be offered, and they should all be easy to parse. Offer syncing, both to mobile and other computers. It doesn't matter if this is via iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, or some combination of those three—some sort of syncing is a must. Load Comments Broderbund's Calendar Creator is packed full of calendar designs and templates. With more than , images and backgrounds, the software makes it easy to design an eye-catching and useful calendar. If you prefer, import your personal photos, then edit, move and resize them.

Calendar Creator tools adjust photo brightness, rotate and mirror images, and add borders, shadows, and shapes to your calendar design. Share Pin Email. A graphic designer, writer, and artist who writes about and teaches print and web design. What We Like Lots of graphics and layouts for calendars. Good selection of editing tools. Not as sophisticated as some other graphic design programs.

What We Like Works directly with Photos so you can create calendars from your own shots. Can import many Word templates and text. What We Don't Like No premade calendar template. Can be slow, even on current computers. Download a Calendar template.

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