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Discussion in ' OSX ' started by methos5k , Feb 2, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Unity Joined: Aug 3, Posts: 8, I have tried to search for this a lot, and found many similar issues but nothing that solved my problem.

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My issue is that when I build an app for the Mac app store with the appropriate provisioning profile to send for review, I can't seem to find a way to sign the app with my development provisioning profile and open the app. I would love to know how to do this for a few reasons: - allow testing installation. I can run my game, minus services such as Game Center, currently. I can also code sign and submit my app, which appears to work on the reviewers computer my last builds had some play errors that I've since resolved, but it wasn't reported that it can't open.

The app store validation code sign distribution profile only works if you get the app from the app store I believe , but I've read that there is a way to test the development one. I am certain that this was possible with Xcode not unity related, but some previous app building experience , that a development build could do this.

How to Show & Verify Code Signatures for Apps in Mac OS X

To sum up, I have an app I've made in Unity, but when I sign it with a development profile, the app doesn't load. From what I can gather, no helpful information is in the Console app. Just codesign error.

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Joined: May 26, Posts: This is a tricky issue, and particularly in the case of Developer ID builds, has always been quite hard for me to get my head around. But I'll see if I can help you out. You have two profile types, Developer ID and Distribution. As you said, builds signed for Distribution will only work if they've been downloaded from the App Store. It's my understanding that Mac App Store Apps have to have some sort of receipt validation code on startup. Unity takes care of this for you with the Mac App Store Validation option which can be found in the editor, under Build settings for desktop builds.

Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile

When a user downloads an app from the app store even if it is free they will receive a receipt that gets stored locally on their mac. It is specific to the app, to that version number of the app, and specific to the iCloud user they used to log in to the app store. If the receipt is missing you'll usually see an "Application is damaged" error, and if the receipt is present but not valid, unity's own receipt validation will close the app. If you codesign using a Developer ID profile, or run the app without any codesigning, receipt validation will always fail, kicking you out of the app. So make sure that the option is disable before exporting. Once you've exported a build you'll need to sign the app with your Developer ID provisioning profile, then build the pkg file I'm not actually sure if you need to use the DevID or live installer profile for this, I seem to be using the live.

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    The Insanity of Code Signing Certificates on MacOS and Windows

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    Is code signing really a problem for developers?

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