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This will activate the installer. In it, direct the "Destination folder" to your Arena install folder the one where the installation executable rests , and select "Install" at the bottom right hand. The installer should automatically exit upon fully installing, and does so quickly.

Inside your Arena install folder, there should be two things now: the "Arena Unless you really know what you're doing which if you're using this guide is doubtful , don't touch anything and back out into the previous folder.

You wouldn't be able to run Arena normally anyway; it's a bit. I usually create a new folder dedicated to storing the setup executable and other stuff for Arena , a general folder named "Utilities" which usually lies next to the "ARENA" folder , but you can simply delete the executable.

Perfect for Arena. First, go to DOSBox. The site is older, and was made for smaller windows so on your monitor it may be disproportionate—lots of empty space; this is normal. At the top right, select "Latest version: 0. On the downloads page, look under "DOSBox specific versions. Since I'm a Windows purist user, I'd use Windows 0. The download link will direct you to a SourceForge page where you can download the installer.

If the main downloads page isn't loading for you, a direct download link to the two major versions can be found here though, if you can't load the page I doubt you'll have fun downloading the file :. Sadly, the original Linux. RPM file link was shut down.

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An alternative is found here, but the page I've found to be a tad more confusing. This file is in. Along with the official releases, there are beta community builds named "SVN Builds" which can be pretty useful, some adding things like VSync to DOS, but those are unimportant right now. You can experiment when the guide is finished. For the rest of this guide, only the Windows version will be mentioned and used as examples. Mac and Linux users will have to adapt. When installing, it'll ask you to select whether you wish to install the Core Files unchangeable , and a Desktop Shortcut.

The latter isn't needed for what we'll be doing here, but you can choose it if you wish. Do so. This is also nominal. When you're finished, enter your DOSBox installation folder in your Program Files, and open up if you closed it the Arena install folder. The method we're doing here is a tad more complex than how you'd generally get DOSBox to work. Unfortunately, most would install DOSBox and activate the shortcut.

Then, they'd have to type in all the commands themselves or use separate auto-launch config files , and deal with that mess. But our method is better, neater, and more ease-of-life. First, in your Arena install folder make sure there are no loose files whatsoever. Keeping the folder clean is very helpful for the steps we're about to do. Name this file whatever you'd like, but make sure it has no spaces in the name. Now, go to your DOSBox installation folder, and double-click the.

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TXT file in your Arena folder. Now, in your new. At the end of your new name, type ". Save it inside your Arena folder. Now you can delete your original. Now, open up your new. CONF file as a text file. I'll go over the most important settings for you to change from the defaults:. Using these settings will stop how slow Arena is and will allow you to use full draw distance without slowdowns.

Sadly, using these settings will also speed up the world by an insane amount. NPCs will move very fast and so will enemies!


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You don't have to, it just provides the newest "Gold"-standard AdLib sounds. Autoexec "auto execute" is essentially the point of doing this part of the setup. When launching DOSBox with a. CONF file and an autoexec route, the prompt will automatically do commands so the user doesn't have to.

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If you've been using the same route for the Arena installation folder, then set you Autoexec to this:. We're almost done with the folder editing of Arena. Now right click DOSBox. When you name it, place the shortcut inside your Arena folder. Right click your shortcut, and click "Properties. This is where we will define special commands for Arena. Inside the Target box, make sure this is how it looks:. And make sure the box beneath it, "Start in," is this or wherever your Arena install directory is :.

Once this is done, you're now ready to finally setup Arena 's settings, and finish installation to start playing. Do not , whatsoever, touch "Make boot floppy" or "Install game. The installer window should be a xsized window, that has lots of blue and white designs.

Don't worry about those values, those are normal and nominal. After you've selected your SoundCard, you'll be forced back to the "Configure game" screen.

Select "Select Music Card. The original Arena setup guide states that you use SoundBlaster as your music card, as well as your sound card. Doing this outputs AdLib-like music that's more electronic, with beeps, synthesized sounds and more nostalgic stuff that was common back in the 90s. This comparison example was uploaded by two different users, StoanPhrogg in , and jackoneill45 in , and features a track from Daggerfall , "Track 15" or "Shedungent. Shedungent in Daggerfall was never meant to play outside of SoundBlaster, but the representation of the instruments should be well enough, and there are plenty of other comparisons if you need more.

Once you're done choosing your options, back out of the installer close it. If you left the "EXIT" line in your autoexec or Target command box , the installer should automatically exit. If not, just type "EXIT" into the command prompt. The jingle bells in the background will be warped and "ting-y," and not nice to listen to. The real culprit of this is the dungeon ambiance. If you're using SoundBlaster, you'll likely get some good, synthesized that fits Arena 's atmosphere well. If you use GeneralMIDI, you get far more variation in some very good higher-quality choir and synthesizer ambiance for dungeon music, but you'll miss out on the classic synthesized sound and the SB16 tracks.

It's all left to personal taste. What the hell is the website I get sent to?! I sign up and it says the page doesn't exist or something! Just click the download button, no signup needed. I've doubly made sure i'm not signed in or anything. Is there any way to change the key layout? Won't work. It downloaded, but when I try to open it a window pops up saying that it can't open because it is from an unidentified developer.

Its a new feature of GateKeeper since Mountain lion. Right-click or control-click the application and choose "Open" Then 'Open' It's perfectly safe. Just downloaded this. Seemed to be working fine until I got to the end of the first dungeon.


Sorry if I'm being stupid. I'm not the best with computers Hi, I've just tried it and it works fine, i'e allows you to leave the dungeon and enter the first Town.. However does drop to DOS as you mention if you get the question wrong. You will see no cursor, so will have to just type the answer and trust it will enter on screen.

The Answers are the cost of spells, which are random from the Manual that came with the game Copy protection For me it asked the cost of 'Wizard's Fire', I entered and it let me through. Hey, for some reason I cant be able to attack anything in the game even with a mouse. Can you help me? Click the button that has the crossed swords, that goes into combat mode.

Then click and hold the right mouse button and then move the mouse from side to side in a swiping motion. When you start you are given a sword, you can go into inventory click on portrait , then next page, and then double click the sword to equip. I don't know of any bugs that will prevent you from attacking I'm afraid. Hope this helps.

Can I play this or Arena on my MacBook?

I can't make it go full screen, other than that, the game works fine. It is just hard to play on such a small window. Post a Comment. Part time hobbyist game developer making games for as long as I can remember. RSS Feed Twitter. Paul Rowland Apps.

elder scrolls arena mac controls Elder scrolls arena mac controls
elder scrolls arena mac controls Elder scrolls arena mac controls
elder scrolls arena mac controls Elder scrolls arena mac controls
elder scrolls arena mac controls Elder scrolls arena mac controls
elder scrolls arena mac controls Elder scrolls arena mac controls
elder scrolls arena mac controls Elder scrolls arena mac controls

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