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Don't have an account? Like Funbridge, you can only play with an internet connection. You can either play with human opponents, or solo with three bots. Of course human opponents are more fun, though there are advantages to playing with bots. No pressure, you can think for as long as you like, and none of the issues which afflict online bridge, such as players simply disappearing when in a bad contract, or being bad tempered if you make a mistake.

The Bridgebase user interface is OK though feels clunky compared to the smoothness of Funbridge. As in Funbridge, you can compare your score with other human players even if you play against bots. You cannot replay games, but you can undo your play which means you can easily cheat against the bots if you feel so inclined.

Against humans your opponents have to approve an undo, which they will be reluctant to do other then in cases of genuine mis-taps. The biggest problem with Bridgebase is the standard of the bots, which is much weaker than Funbridge.

Contract Bridge on a tablet: Funbridge vs Bridgebase vs Bridge Baron

The play can be quite bizarre at times, sometimes excellent, sometimes daft. A weak feature is that if your computer partner wins the auction, it also plays the contract, sometimes badly. I do not see the point of this. Bridgebase is free to play, though there are subscription options online to get some extra features. Unlike the other two games, Bridge Baron runs entirely on your device, which is good if you are offline, but means you do not compare your score against other humans.

watch You can set the standard from novice to advanced. Bridge Baron plays well enough to be fun, though well short of the best computer players. You can replay games at will. You can also ask for a hint from the Baron.

Bridge Software/Apps comes in 4 varieties:

The Bridge Baron user interface is basic, a little worse than Bridgebase though faster and much worse than Funbridge. I do not know why the card icons are so small; it is like playing on a huge table. All three of these games have something to commend them. Funbridge for the best user interface and a standard good enough to be enjoyable despite a few eccentricities. Bridgebase for the option to play with real people, and for free play with bots. Bridge Baron for playing offline.

On the other hand, Bridgebase is spoilt by the poor play of its bots. Bridge Baron is dull because you cannot compare your score with other humans.

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  • Bridge Base Online for PC and MAC.

Funbridge is the one I choose if I have some deals available, but can get expensive if you play a lot, and you will get annoyed with your computer partner from time to time. There is nothing on a tablet that comes close to Jack Bridge for standard of play. Finally, note there is no bridge app for Windows RT. So if you are a bridge addict with a Surface RT, you are out of luck.

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In this game mode, you play with your friend against the Articial Inteligence of Funbridge. He still plays the declarant much more fun! The usability of FunBridge allows to play on Smartphones too. I have just purchased a Microsoft Surface with the intention of playing the PC version of Funbridge with the convenience of tablet form.

bridge base for mac download Bridge base for mac download
bridge base for mac download Bridge base for mac download
bridge base for mac download Bridge base for mac download
bridge base for mac download Bridge base for mac download
bridge base for mac download Bridge base for mac download
bridge base for mac download Bridge base for mac download

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