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Whether you play first-person shooters, roleplaying games, or any other genre, the DS4 is crafted to feel comfortable in button placement, weight, and grip. Long-time PlayStation gamers may wish to use it on their PC games because of its familiarity.

How to Choose the Best Controller for PC

Others opt for it instead of spending money on a new controller. And, of course, the DualShock 4 controller is perfect for playing games with the Remote Play app on your computer. Whatever the case may be, it is relatively simple to connect and use the DualShock 4 with your computer. There are a few quirks, though, which is why we thought a primer on setting up and using them would be prudent.

The DualShock 4 is more or less plug-and-play. The one that comes with the controller is fine but is a tad short and may not suit your computer set up. You can buy a foot cable that should be more than enough for anyone's needs. However, who needs a cable when the controller is equipped with Bluetooth?

How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Mac

Therefore this article will mostly focus on pairing it wirelessly. Whether you are planning to use your DualShock 4 with PC or Mac, you will first have to unpair it from the PlayStation, unless you bought it new, and it has never been paired. If that's the case you may skip this step.


To unpair it, turn on your PS4 and go into the Settings menu. Scroll down and open the Devices sub-menu. With your DS4 now unpaired, you are set to connect it with your Mac or PC via Bluetooth, but first, you need to get the controller into pairing mode. To initiate pairing, simultaneously press and hold the PS and the Share buttons on the DS4 for about three seconds. You will know it is in pairing mode when the light on the front of the controller begins blinking white in a double flash pattern above.

The Best Bluetooth Controllers for Mobile, PC and Consoles

Connecting the controller to Mac and PC is a similar process, but setting it up with macOS is a bit more straightforward, so let's start there. With the controller in pairing mode, go to your Mac's settings and open Bluetooth Preferences. It might take a few seconds or more while the Mac searches for the signal, so be patient. Eventually, a listing for it will appear. We have seen various labels show up here — "wireless controller," "DualShock 4 wireless controller," even the raw MAC address has shown up before. Regardless of how it is listed, it will be obvious which device is the controller.

Next to the listing, click the Connect button. After a few seconds, the wireless controller will move to connected status. Also, the light on the front of the DS4 will be a steady light blue.

The best console controllers for playing games on a Mac

Now you are good to go — well, almost. Skip to the Quirks and Game Support section to see what caveats we encountered. With the controller in pairing mode, go into Windows Bluetooth settings. Click on "Add Bluetooth or other device. Click it, and on the next screen you should see an entry for "wireless controller. Once the DS4 is connected, you would think that you are ready to go.

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After all, it will clearly show that the computer is connected and receiving a signal from the controller — it may have even run some driver installs. However, the DualShock will be useless when trying to run native games. Since Windows does not have native support for the DS4, you will have to trick it into thinking you are using an Xbox controller, which it does support. You can do this by downloading and installing an open-source program called DS4Windows. Features are listed on the official website , and you can download it from TechSpot Downloads.

You won't need this app if you plan to play only Steam games, which we will get to in a minute. But more importantly for our purposes, it fully works with Steam on the Mac out of the box. Just plug in the USB adapter with a dongle, naturally and it should work immediately.

The problem is that the Mac will register them as two separate controllers—which, of course, they technically are. As I see it, it's not worth the effort. Hold it down for a few seconds. This unpairs it from any other device.

Press the PlayStation button and then the four lights on the top of the controller should light up. When you see the lights, disconnect the cable.

Using a PlayStation 4 controller with your PC - TechSpot

You should soon see a pairing request from your system for PlayStation3 Controller. If it asks for an access code, enter This should work. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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