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It's actually the first desktop in a very long time that I want very close to me.

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It feels more like a desk accessory than a computer, which is funny to say given just how much power is contained within this tiny package. Thanks to its small size 9. All IO ports are located on the same side of the machine.

Mac Pro 6-Core Review

Internal expansion is more or less out of the question. The Mac Pro remains the easiest Mac to get into. Interestingly enough, Apple appears to be using unmodified Xeon processors with their integrated heat spreader attached. Long time readers of our Mac Pro reviews will remember that the Nehalem Mac Pro actually featured Xeons sans IHS, which made aftermarket upgrades a little trickier and potentially dangerous. Especially as Xeon pricing drops down the road, this may be a good way of extending the lifespan of your Mac Pro.

New Mac Pro: 6-Core vs 8-Core Benchmarks & Impressions! (2013 / 2014)

All three boards connect to the main logic board MLB at the bottom of the mini tower. The new Mac Pro still has an internal speaker. There's not much to say about it, it's ok in a pinch if you need audio and don't want to hook up external speakers. I've had one weird issue with the internal speaker: it occasionally produces a high pitched noise, requiring a power cycle to clear. Either way if you see it on your system, know that you can clear it by a full power cycle not soft reset.

Apple offers two Mac Pro configurations with several upgrade options from the factory.

The last time I did a Mac Pro vs. The same is true for the new Mac Pro. I poked around Dell, HP and Lenovo websites looking for comparable systems. Both HP and Lenovo offered fairly comparable systems:.

As I learned last time, there are typically some hefty discounts associated with workstation orders so take this pricing with a grain of salt. Apple had bet big that executing computational tasks on the GPU was going to be a big deal, but it never really took off on the Mac. Maybe that was due to OpenCL itself, or the high cost of entry to the Mac Pro, but the truth is that the CPU remained the heart of most workflows for high-end Mac users.

Apple today launched a new Repair Extension Program that addresses video issues on some late Mac Pro models, according to an internal notice obtained by MacRumors. Apple has determined that graphics cards in some late Mac Pros, manufactured between February 8, and April 11, , may cause distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, shut downs, or may prevent system start up. Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will repair eligible Mac Pro models affected by the video issues free of charge until May 30, Apple lists a turnaround time of about days.

Even with the GPU issues, Apple failed to revise the computer in any way. Customers felt stranded without a path forward, and many opted for maxed-out Retina iMacs when their Mac Pros aged out.

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Then in April , news broke that Apple was working on a new Mac Pro. John Gruber was there and wrote:. I think we designed ourselves into a bit of a thermal corner, if you will. We designed a system that we thought with the kind of GPUs that at the time we thought we needed, and that we thought we could well serve with a two GPU architecture… that that was the thermal limit we needed, or the thermal capacity we needed. Being able to put larger single GPUs required a different system architecture and more thermal capacity than that system was designed to accommodate.

And so it became fairly difficult to adjust.


The Mac Pro Review (Late 2013)

At the same time, so many of our customers were moving to iMac that we saw a path to address many, many more of those that were finding themselves limited by Mac Pro through a next generation iMac. And really put a lot of our energy behind that. This new Mac Pro has a single 6-core Xeon processor running at 3. It comes with the same amount of internal flash storage as a laptop and no available PCI slots for video capture cards, RAID cards, or the like.

Introduction and Release

The new Mac Pro is really meant to be configured at the time of purchase, with any additional storage or cards added externally through the six Thunderbolt 2 ports or four USB 3. The new Mac Pro also comes with dual gigabit ethernet ports and For more details about the ins and outs of the new Mac Pro consult our complete review of a 3. Higher results are better.

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